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Take the 6 Day Saxophone From Scratch Challenge that takes you from playing your first notes to learning how to play your first songs like When The Saints Go Marching In.


Everything is demonstrated to you step by step so that you don't get overwhelmed or confused by what can feel like a very complicated instrument! 


If you just started on saxophone, you NEED to take this course to make sure you are doing all the correct techniques. So many people give up because they don't seem to "get it". Don't be one of those people and let me help you!


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Download the FREE Ultimate Saxophone Buyers Guide and learn more about what saxophone and accessories to buy no matter if you play alto, tenor, soprano and baritone saxophone.


I give recommendations for all products including mouthpieces, reeds, cleaning supplies, cases, stands and more! It is your one stop shop for everything you need for your saxophone. You're just one click away!


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