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Do You Want To Transform Your Saxophone Playing & Learn Your Favorite Songs With Ease Even If You Have No Musical Background Or Think You Are “Too Old” To Master An Instrument?

{And WITHOUT Getting Overwhelmed, Frustrated And Confused By Sax Books, Random YouTube Videos, And Cheap DIY Online Courses} 
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See what results my students are getting....

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Hi, I’m Alexander Mathias... 

I am a Los Angeles based professional saxophonist and educator who has played saxophone for over 25 years.

After 13 years of music education (worth over $250,000+) and graduating from Berklee College of Music as a scholar, I have performed, toured and recorded for multi platinum artists, national commercials, international videos games and award winning movies.

I have had the pleasure of working with Amy Winehouse, Avril Lavigne, Glen Hansard, The Commitments, Cee Lo Green, Ice Cube, Julliete Lewis, Gloria Trevi, Alejandra Guzman and many more. 

After years of teaching saxophone to thousands of students, I'm here to tell you the TRUTH you need to know about mastering the saxophone!

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I started out just like you...

with a dream of becoming the best sax player I could be.

However, I struggled for too long trying to figure out how to overcome roadblocks in my sax playing and get the results I wanted...

😟 I was sick of squeaking and being inconsistent in my tone.

😟 I was frustrated trying to learn my favorite songs by ear because I didn’t know where to start.

😟 I was confused about how to improvise and express myself through the saxophone.

😟 The sax books I was using were either too boring or overwhelming.

I nearly gave up!

💪 But I had an intense desire to play like the saxophonists on my favorite records.

💪 I wanted to develop the confidence to play for my friends and family. 

💪 I needed to figure out how to improvise and jam with other musicians so I could have an outlet for my creativity.

💪 And I had a dream of performing on stage one day...

I thought getting a new sax and mouthpiece would help.


But nothing changed!

Sure, I felt good having a shiny new sax and mouthpiece but it still didn't get me the results I wanted on saxophone.

I even took experts advice on the "best" reeds and ligatures to get. 

It felt different, but it wasn't transformative!


Trying to find guidance from "free" resources overwhelmed me.


Have you ever tried to find the answer to a specific problem you are having on saxophone through Google or YouTube....

what happens?

Yup, you get 10,000 different answers!


This frankly overwhelmed and confused me even more.

I never really knew what I should be working on to achieve my goals on saxophone. 

Some of the things I learned helped, but I was never really SURE that this was how I would get the results I wanted.  

And I was left feeling like I was alone with no guidance or community to lean on.


Cheap DIY courses and DVD's left me

feeling like I wasn't "getting it"



I bought courses from all the best sax players that promised me I could sound just like them!

They were great sax players, but not necessarily great teachers.

I felt like they were leaving out vital information and I just couldn't quite follow what they were teaching.

And there was one important thing missing... they had no idea what level I was at on saxophone! 

Their "one size fits all" approach just didn't work for me because they assumed I already knew certain things about the sax.

I still wasn't getting the results I wanted on saxophone.


Everything changed when I started personally studying with the

best sax players in the world…


It wasn’t until I started studying the saxophone at the Royal Irish Academy Of Music and then Berklee College Of Music that I began to truly transform my saxophone playing.


😁 I began to understand how easy it was to learn my favorite songs by ear

😁 I was finally able to know exactly how to improvise over different songs

😁 I knew exactly what to practice on sax everyday to maintain my progress (and it changed as I got better).

😁 I developed the confidence to start playing in public and turned up at parties with my sax all the time!

😁 I started to understand how to play like my favorite sax players


I was getting the results I wanted on saxophone faster than ever! 



I discovered 3 things I NEEDED to transform my sax playing 


Core Curriculum: At music college there was a step by step path I could follow with specific instructions and stages on how to develop my saxophone skills to a pro level.


Caring Community: I was able to share my journey with other sax players who supported, encouraged and inspired me as I learned to develop my skills. We shared our struggles and motivated each other to keep going.


Constructive Criticism: I was always getting feedback from pro sax players (my teachers) who were better than me and showed me exactly what my weaknesses and strengths were.


Each of these features throughout those 10 years of music education totally transformed my sax playing from amateur to pro.

It prepared me for a career spanning over 15 years as a professional saxophone player. 

And I've never looked back.


 I created a similar music education experience for my students to get the same results on saxophone

(without needing to pay $250,000!)


When I started to teach saxophone, I decided I needed to break down everything I had learned in those 10 years and create a music education experience just like the one I had. 


👩‍🎓 My students could achieve the same results on saxophone without needing to spend ten's of thousands of dollars on music education.

👩‍🎓 They didn't need to take years out of their lives like I did to study music.

👩‍🎓 They could continue their daily lives and get 24/7 access to my teachings whenever they had time and go at their own pace.

👩‍🎓 They were able to get feedback from a pro sax player no matter where they were in the world.

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Introducing The...

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This online membership is made up of three main features you NEED to transform your sax playing:


1. Core Curriculum

 Access my Saxophone Success Path™ 24/7 on any device from anywhere with an internet connection that leads you step by step through each of my 350+ lessons at your own pace so you never feel confused, overwhelmed and frustrated. 


2. Caring Community

 Ask any questions you like inside the Sax Circle Community and get an answer from me within days! Interact with me live every month for the group coaching call and get access to a community of saxophone players just like you, who will encourage and support you on your journey to learning the sax! 


3. Constructive Criticism

Get direct personal feedback from a professional saxophone teacher with 25 years experience, so you know exactly what you need to practice in order to overcome roadblocks in your playing, giving you the guidance you need to eventually master the saxophone.

Inside this online membership experience you will:


Learn And Memorize Your Favorite Songs With Ease


 Learn famous songs step by step with close ups on fingerings without the need for sheet music so you can impress your friends and family in a matter of weeks

 Step by step song tutorials include Bakers Street, Careless Whisper, Amazing Grace, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, When The Saints Go Marching In as as well popular holiday songs like Silent Night and Auld Lang Syne

 Discover the No.1 rule pros use to memorize songs and solos

  Develop the essential skills you need to learn songs with ease so you can stop spending weeks or even months trying to learn a single song and eventually build a repertoire to perform in public


Get The Sax Sound Of Your Dreams


 Discover the foundations of the perfect saxophone tone so you can stop squeaking on sax!

 Learn the tone techniques that only the pros know to get that smooth sax sound

 Breathing exercises that stop the notes from “disappearing” when you play


Express Yourself Through Music And Improvisation


Learn how to start improvising on sax even if you don’t feel like you are “creative”

✅ Step by step exercises you can learn so you can start improvising right away

✅ Discover how the blues scale can make your improvisation sound amazing right away

✅ Develop a personal connection with the saxophone so you can finally experience the feeling of expressing yourself through music


Finally Understand Scale Fingerings And Music Theory


Discover the No.1 scale that will help you learn any song on sax so you can start playing your favorite songs with ease

Accelerate your saxophone technique to a pro level using scale exercises and improve your rhythm 

Learn the foundations of music theory so you can stop getting confused by sheet music, note names and finally communicate with other musicians.


Learn To Sound Like The Pros On Your Favorite Recordings


Learn the techniques that the pro’s use to make their melodies sound jazzy and unique so you can develop character in your playing and finally sound like the sax player you have always dreamed of becoming

Understand exactly how to play simple songs with great rhythm and timing so you can follow along to backing tracks and other musicians

Discover how you can jam with other musicians just like the pros


Have All 350+ Lessons Laid Out Step By Step Along The

Saxophone Success Path™


Six stages from complete beginner to advanced techniques

Exercises and tips on what to practice along each stage

Get feedback on your sax playing as you progress through the Saxophone Success Path™

 Ask me anything about the lessons and get an answer within days


And You Get All Of This While Going At Your Own Pace,

Depending On How Much Time You Get Each Week!

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So now you have a choice to make! 

Here are your options...

 Option 1: Try To Learn Sax For "Free" On YouTube 

We've all been down the rabbit hole of trying to learn something for "free" on the internet, right?

We get overwhelmed, frustrated and frankly exhausted because we don't know where to start and everyone seems to be telling us something different.

Well the saxophone is no different. You need structured, step by step guidance or you are just going to get confused, overwhelmed and eventually give up!

I always put "free" in a quotations, because it's never really free... eventually you have to pay someone to help you unlearn all the wrong techniques you have been practicing, which could take months and become costly!

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Option 2: Weekly Private Lessons ($7,500/Year)

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This is always a great option! Having a private tutor is a luxury I was able to have when learning the sax.

However, it get's expensive! I charge $150 an hour so if you wanted to get weekly lessons with me for a year it would cost $7500+.

The other disadvantage is that you have to remember everything the teacher says. They are not there to guide you when you are practicing at home.

With the Saxophone Masterclass Membership you get 24/7 access to the lessons so you can watch them again and again from any device - phone, tablet or computer!

You can ask me any questions and you will receive an answer in just a few days or less - you don't get this with a private tutor!

Option 3: Go To Music College ($200,000+)

Again, I was lucky to get to go to Berklee College of Music and do other cool music courses.

However, the costs add up. A four year program at Berklee costs upwards of $200,000+ and that's not including accommodation!

The best part about music college is the community, but when you take courses in person, they have to end sometime and you loose touch with the people you meet.

With the Saxophone Masterclass Membership you can connect with people from all over the world inside the Sax Circle Community.

And as long as you remain a member you can stay connected and share your progress for as long as you like.

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Or Become A

Saxophone Masterclass Member!

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Here's Everything You get Inside The

Saxophone Masterclass Membership...


Your Questions Answered. Always.


✅ Monthly Group Live Masterclasses ($2400/Year Value)

Connect with me and other members every month with Q and A as well as themed masterclasses. Post your questions before hand for in depth explanations of your most burning questions. 

✅ Personal Feedback On Your Saxophone Playing ($1800/Year Value)

Take part in the Song Of The Month Challenge by filming your version and uploading it to the membership for personal feedback from me. I also include links to specific lessons you should work from inside the membership and tell you exactly what to practice each month.

✅ Sax Circle Community (Priceless Value!)

Connect with other members, ask questions and share what you are practicing! You can even hear other members play and see my feedback so that you can learn from it too. Get direct answers to questions from me within just a couple of days or even a couple of hours!


24/7 Access To 350+ Step By Step Sax Lessons and Courses


✅ Saxophone Success Path

Navigate every lesson inside the membership depending on what stage you are at in your sax journey.

✅ Saxophone From Scratch To Success ($997 Value)

Total Beginner? I got you covered! Learn to play your favorite songs and develop your skills step by step.

✅ Learn Songs and Solos ($997 Value)

Dozens of songs and solos with step by step fingerings close up and more being added every month.

✅ Live Masterclass Replays ($997 Value)

Get access to every Live Masterclass I have ever done for members - hours of content!

✅ Mastering Your Saxophone Tone ($297 Value)

Learn how to get the tone of your dreams with step by step exercises that only the pros know.

✅ Mastering Your Saxophone Technique ($297 Value)

Improve your rhythm and dexterity in your fingers so you can learn to play your favorite songs with ease.

✅ Mastering Your Saxophone Scales ($297 Value) 

Understand how scales are formed with step by step fingerings so you can finally learn any song.

✅ Mastering Your Saxophone Embellishments ($297 Value)

Learn the pro techniques that give your playing character and make it sound jazzy.

✅ Improvisation Explained ($297 Value)

Express yourself through the saxophone, jam along to your favorite songs & learn to play with others.


Plus These FREE Bonuses!


✅ Bonus 1: 30 Day Saxophone From Scratch Challenge ($97 Value)

Get playing your first songs in just 30 days even if you don't have any musical background!

✅ Bonus 2: 30 Day Saxophone Tone Challenge ($97 Value)

Frustrated with your tone? This challenge will 10x the quality of your tone in just 30 days.

✅ Bonus 3: Sheet Music For All Songs With Fingerings & Note Names ($297 Value)

Download sheet music as PDFs for all the songs inside the membership so you can learn them offline.

✅ Bonus 4: Over 50 mp3, PDF, and Backing Track Downloads Total Inside The Courses ($297 Value)

All the courses come with accompanying materials, which you can download and keep forever.

✅ Bonus 5: New Courses & Videos Added Regularly ($997 Value)

Get access to every new course and lesson that I add to the membership without paying a single cent!


$10461 Value

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Frequently Asked Questions